Put your garage on autopilot with a garage door motor

Automatic garage door openers are a great investment for your home, not only for ease of use but the safety of your home and its contents.

No matter the look, style or type of garage door you choose, we can fit a garage door motor to suit. We can assist you in choosing the right motor for your new garage door installation or fit to your existing garage door.

Each garage door motor is chosen to ensure efficiency of operation based on your garage size and weight.

Simple, secure and convenient entry and exit

Your garage door motor will add an extra layer of security to your home and the added benefit of convenience for the busy household. No more running out to close your garage door with the threat of storms. Take comfort in the extra security knowing you can instantly close your garage door as you drive in at night.

Find peace of mind knowing your home is protected with both a smooth-operating and reliable garage automatic motor system.

Protection from Injury

Not only will a garage door motor improve the efficiency of your garage door, it helps with prevention of injury and damage. Your motor will detect when contact is made with an obstruction (such as a reversing car) and immediately stop and reverse the direction of the door.

Garage door motor replacement

Having problems with your existing garage door motor?

In need of servicing on an upgrade?

We can assist with diagnosing motor issues, motor replacement and installation of a new motor. We stock a comprehensive range of motors to suit any door and budget.


Curious about the cost of replacing or upgrading your garage door or motor? Then contact us for a free measure and quote. For repairs, simply contact us over the phone and we can provide a cost estimate, or if needed, attend on site for a comprehensive repair quote.